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Some of the most frequently asked questions about booking one of Sydney's Leading Magicians at Sydney Magician Hire.

What style of magicians do you have on the books?  At Sydney Magician – we have some of Sydney’s Leading Magicians who are seasoned performers in their field.  From close up magicians who perform amazing card tricks, sleight of hand and mind reading through to magicians and illusionists suitable for events with 200 to 800 people (or more).  Each magician is of a top, classy calibre and is guaranteed to give your event the wow factor you are looking for.

What type of events do you perform at?  We perform at almost any type of event in both the Sydney CBD and outer suburbs.  Typically you will see us at company functions, private parties, gala dinners, awards nights, trade shows, conferences, bar mitzvah’s and birthday parties just to name a few.  Sydney Magicians will find you the right magician for your event – GUARANTEED!

How far in advance do I need to book with you to secure our magician? If your magician is available, you will want to book sooner rather than later. Friday and Saturday nights often book well in advance, so if it is available, book early to avoid and disappointment.



What is the best time to perform at our event?
If your magician is performing a stand up style or stage show, you will typically want to have the performance between one of the meal breaks whilst people are not eating. It is very difficult to eat, look and laugh at the same. If your magician is performing close up magic (mingle magic), this can typically be done at your preferred timings that work in with your event. Ideally, do not have the magician performing at a table whilst guests are eating the main meal. (refers to close up magic only). .....( Back to Questions )


Which areas in Sydney do you cover?
We cover all areas of Sydney, Canberra, New South Wales, Australia and abroad. Travel is never an issue. .....( Back to Questions )


What is the best style of magic for our event?
One of our qualified consultants can help personalize an impressive package to suit your event discussing various options to suit in with your theme, event and budget.
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How much does a Sydney Magician cost?
Packages vary depending on which magician you would like and exactly what you are trying to achieve on the night. Please call our office or email us for more information.
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How do we pay you?
We accept all major credit cards including Bank Card, Mastercard, American Express, Cheques, EFT and more. Please call our office to discuss further. .....( Back to Questions )


Can you do magic for children?
Our magicians are seasoned professional magicians performing at business events, adult birthdays and the like. If children are present, they will enjoy the show just as much as the adults, but our style of magic is clean, classy entertainment to be enjoyed by all at the type of events mentioned above. For Childrens Party Magicians, please call our office so that we can refer you to someone suitable in your area. .....( Back to Questions )


How much space do I need to provide?
For mingle magic or close up magic, just a small private preparation area for the magician where all equipment will be secure. For larger stage shows, an ideal minimum performing area of 2 metres x 4 metres and 30cm to 40cm in height. Often, a portable stage/platform is ideal allowing your guests to see the show with ease. However, if this is not available, the show can be performed without a stage. .....( Back to Questions )


Can our company executives be involved with the magic?
Of course! What we do is very funny but very classy. It is common at company events that everyone enjoys seeing "the boss" on stage. We will work out something with you to ensure your selected staff become the stars of the show. .....( Back to Questions )


Can we meet up with you before booking your services?
Absolutely, should you find this absolutely necessary, one of our consultants will be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your event in further detail. Should you find it necessary, it may also be possible to meet with your selected magician prior to the event. Please call our office to discuss further.....( Back to Questions )


Do you have any references from previous clients?
Yes, we literally have thousands of references. Should you require references, please email us or call us to organize these for you or see our testimonials page. .....( Back to Questions )


What needs to be done once we book your services?
Your entertainment is now sorted and you can simply prepare for a brilliant night ahead. Once the show is booked, our friendly office staff will make your job simple and hassle free. For larger shows, we will help you work in with the requirements of the performer and also establish what equipment or AV you have already accessible to you. A full simple performance rider will be provided giving you peace of mind in organising everything you may need for your event. ......( Back to Questions )


How long does each show run for?
Depending on which magician you choose, performances range between 10 mins and 60 mins. Typically for a company event, it is best to allow between 20 mins and 45 mins to allow your guests to have a top belly laugh but be blown away with the magic at the same time. .....( Back to Questions )


What is your GUARANTEE?
We understand that planning any function takes much time and effort. We guarantee we will make your job easier and that you will get the positive feedback you deserve. We also guarantee you that your guests will be given a top show that they will talk about for a long time to come. You are guaranteed a top performance by your magician ensuring your event has the wow factor it deserves. .....( Back to Questions )


Can you make my husband disappear?
An oldie but a goodie we get asked all the time. Just ask us, we have lots of very funny answers for you! .....( Back to Questions )

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